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Here is legal stuff we have to tell you...

We are... Brewery Inns Ltd.,

a small, privately owned Limited Company.

Registered in England No. 2768425

The Directors are Lynda Williams & Gary Whitby

Our registered office is at:

Unit 21, Belasis Court,
Billingham. TS23 4AZ

Supply of Good and Services Act 1982

Please note, when booking a table at a restaurant or pub,

you are entering into an agreement, known as a contract.

You are agreeing to come to the restaurant / pub at an agreed time and pay for a meal.

The restaurant / pub is agreeing to have a table reserved for you and your guests and to supply you with a meal of a satisfactory standard, provided with reasonable care and skill.

The contract does not have to be written, it can be verbal or

part written and part verbal.

When you book a table, you are expected to show up.

If you cancel or simply do not show up, you may be expected to pay some money as compensation if the restaurant/pub is unable to sell the table to someone else.